“Following advice from Mr. D. Higgins regarding problems with atmospheric conditions in the Angiddy Valley, Tintern, Monmouthshire I have recently purchased a new wood burning stove and installed as the manufactures instructions, chimney lined and insulated and fitted with bird guard on the top of the chimney. However, on lighting the said stove I was confronted with a room full of smoke as no draw was happening on the chimney, most dismayed at the situation I spoke to David Higgins who supplied me with a Flue Cube, I am delighted to say that since this have been fitted it makes no difference to what is happening in the valley outside, my house inside is free of smoke. I find that this helps greatly to the workings of my wood burner. If the weather is in the right direction I can close the damper and have moderate burning. I am sir, delighted with the performance of your cowl and would recommend this product to anyone with a wood burning stove.”