“12 months ago I installed a Biomass wood pellet into a new build property near Devizes Wilts. Although the boiler worked well I was encountering real problems with smoke coming back down the flue, which also caused problems with flue temperature making the alarm go off on a regular basis. We tried rectifying the problem by adding height to the flue, installing a fan on the flue, and adjusting the settings on the boiler on many occasions, but nothing seemed to work. The boiler supplier was convinced that the problem was caused by atmospherics in the area, and suggested we try a new cowl on the market called FLUECUBE. We installed FlueCube three weeks ago, and it has transformed the problem. Since the FlueCube has been installed we have had no smoke problems whatsoever, and also the temperature in the flue has decreased by a average of 30 degrees so the temp alarm has not gone off once since installation. I would thoroughly recommend the FlueCube if you are having similar problems. Regards”