“We’ve had a wood burner with a normal cowl for about 11 years and live at the upper end of a windy valley. We used to light our fire based on whether there were any windy conditions due because until the fire had established itself we always ran the risk of backdraughts smoking out the living room. We heard about the Fluecube and wondered whether it might provide a solution to our difficulties. I had always disliked the large ‘H’ shaped wind cowls you see around and the Fluecube seemed to offer other benefits from a more modern design. I installed the Fluecube myself, having arranged a scaffold, and the instructions were very straightforward and the installation a breeze.

Wow, what a transformation! This cowl does exactly what it says it does and we cannot be more pleased at the massive difference it has made to the enjoyment of our home. Firstly, we can light our fire in all conditions, we have recently had 2 Autumnal storms which, in the past, would have stopped us lighting the fire until they had passed. With the Fluecube, you just light the fire, no backdraft, plenty of draw, no problems.

Moreover, we are seeing numerous other benefits we had not considered with the Fluecube. With the previous cowl we had to load the wood burner put in firelighters, spray the kindling with paraffin, add coal etc to get the quickest heat input as quickly as possible. Now we are just using wood and kindling to light the fire every time with ease. This is saving us money on consumables and more importantly, the draw is now much more consistent and as a result it is burning the logs more evenly. As a result I estimate that we are now using up to 40% less fuel to heat the room than we used to and the room heats up much quicker. The increase in heat into the room is interesting as I have a stove fan which, with the old cowl, used to kick at around 15 minutes of burn. With the Fluecube it starts after only 10 minutes, showing that more heat is being produced into the room more quickly.

Finally, it has brought me piece of mind, I now know I can light the fire in almost any conditions, it will draw straightaway, get the room warm quicker and save me money on consumables and firewood. If you are thinking of getting a Fluecube yourself, don’t hesitate, it is without doubt the best investment for the future enjoyment of my household I have made in a long time.”