“I have lived in my quite exposed farmhouse for 21 years with two successive second-hand rayburns which smoked badly in a NNW and even worse in a due North wind even though we replaced inside and outside flue. Then we bought brand new rayburn approx 6 years ago but no change. I have lived my life by the wind direction knowing that days when a North wind was blowing I would not be able to cook or heat the radiators, I just had to open the windows and let the rayburn go out or not light it at all. Christmas and very cold winters were a nightmare as that was my only way of cooking and heating the house other than an open fire in lounge.

We tried a shower cap which didn’t work than a cowl with same result then we added another metre of flue with no improvement. We’d know that the wind had changed when the smoke would start puffing in from the kitchen.

Well back in November we bought your fluecube and since we put it up there has been a slight NNW wind but no full on North one.Well yesterday up in Satley a quite cold North wind was blowing which I attach a photo of the smoke which I have never seen in this direction before without the Windows and door open ( the back of the house faces North) and my rayburn was working flat out cooking and heating the radiators with gusto.

I want to thank you for changing my life, Roll on the winter and whatever it has in store. I just thought you’d like to know.”