“Hi Ashley I just came in to see the fire blazing away merrily in one of the woodstoves. This was the stove that was a real horror to light, especially on a day like today when it’s wet and the wind is swirling around. Today (as always now) the fire lit first time with no smoke back into the room. When I open it up later to add logs, I won’t be kippered by having smoke coming back in. As you know, I was so impressed by the improvement that I ordered a second flue cube for the other less problematic stove, and it too now draws better. The design of the cubes definitely stops downdrafts, and the inverted cone shape inside increases the flow. I’m still not convinced that the description of how the design works is scientifically accurate, but the fact is the design works. Of course, part of this could be the extra height provided by the cubes, but whatever the reasons I now have two stoves that are easy to light, don’t smoke when opened or when down draughts occur, and that can be used even when the wind is from our problematic direction of North-North-East.”