“Hi Ashley, Good to speak to you the other day. I installed the ‘Fluecube’ last Saturday and lit the fire up Sunday evening during a very windy spell in the weather. I didn’t preheat the flue as I normally do to get rid of the column of cold air in the twin wall chimney. The fire lit first time and burned really well. No smoke entered the living room as is so often the case. The initial kindling timber instead of burning rapidly away burned in at a much slower pace seemingly undisturbed by the wind from outside. Normally the flames would be frantic inside the stove if it is windy outside. Much less smoke is visible from the chimney since it has been fitted. Also the fuel seems to burn slower than before since the combustion is not being affected by the weather outside. Yes it is a quality product really nicely made and 316 stainless steel is top notch stuff. It fitted really well and I have bolted it and strapped I to the existing flue arrangement. I will keep you posted. But thanks again. So far so good. I have ready recommended it to a guy at the local builders merchants who lives in a bungalow with a short flue stack. I gave him your web address. Many Thanks”