“Lincolnshire is very flat built on reclaimed marshland. My customer lived in the middle of the fen exposed from all sides. The main building was a lot taller than the smaller building with the chimney. The downdraft was created by the taller than normal roof of the taller building and the difficulty in getting the Hunter 24KW up to temperature. I tried the usual square anti down draft cowl then the spinning cowl. Both failed to solve the problem. On installing the FlueCube we knew instantly the dynamic in the stove had changed as we could tell the downdraft had gone before we even lit the stove! Needless to say on lighting the stove the problem was solved. I also fitted the FlueCube on my own home a bungalow the chimney was the correct length but every time a south easterly wind blew in from the sea across the flat terrain we would get a downdraft. Problem solved with the FlueCube.”