“In October 2012, I purchased and had professionally installed a well known brand of inset multi-fuel stove. The main intention was to burn kiln dried wood with smokeless fuel as a backup if the need arose. The stove burned very unsatisfactorily almost from the start and my wife and I were very disappointed. I spent many hours researching how to improve the performance of the stove and I came across the FLUECUBE cowl. On reading the information about this cowl it seemed to resolve the problems I had been experiencing. I then spoke to Mr. Martin from FLUECUBE who was very helpful and supportive in trying to resolve my problems. Mr. Martin suggested a local FLUECUBE fitter and I ordered the FLUECUBE the following day. The first time we lit the stove after the FLUECUBE was fitted, the improvement in stove performance was so obvious. The stove is now a pleasure to use. This improvement as been sustained over the following months and I have no hesitation in recommending FLUECUBE to anyone who has a stove. “