“We have been using a wood burner for nearly 20 years. We have always had a problem with down draft, when the the wind is in a south west/westerly direction. We got used to the idea that we couldn’t like the fire until the wind moved around and the temperature got colder, then we could light the fire without being smoked out. We recently fitted a new wood burner and flue and hoped that the problem had gone away but the first time we tried to light the fire with the wind in the wrong quarter and the problem was as bad as ever. Our fitter suggested trying the flue cube and we recently ordered one with the back up of a money back guarantee that it would resolve the downdraft issue. We are just writing to let you know that we have been suffering high winds from the dreaded direction and we are delighted to say that our wood burner is lighting and burning beautifully, even with the wind blowing a hooly outside. A remarkable piece of equipment.”