“Hello again Ashley…I thought you would want my feedback after using my Woodwarm “FireSprite” for several days since FlueCube was fitted. As you may have surmised..I was very sceptical of the claims made for FlueCube…especially after reading some of the rubbish from people on the web about testing etc…but to say I am delighted would be a massive understatement!. After Elaine of “Elaines Stoves” said she had heard of good results from FlueCube.. from a Dartmoor resident (like myself)…and hearing from a Solid Fuel Appliance Fitter that he, too, had fitted one and had heard no more from his Client…therefore assuming that the Clients problems were resolved…I decided to invest in your product. The stove has never burned better…even functioning properly when the controls on the door were closed completely and the top-left Airwash-Control was also in the closed position. Before FlueCube the stove would simply go out if these controls were shut-down. It really has changed the operation of this old (but good quality) steel stove for the better, The stove quickly reaches a good hot initial operating temperature whether a still calm day on Dartmoor or a very windy day like today. It is colder up-here than where I lived before and therefore I am starting the woodburner earlier than in the past. The logs are really dry…and I have built a proper covered woodstore…so all the elements are in place to battle a cold winter. Obviously I cannot confirm yet…that the stove burns well in extremely cold weather…but I have no reason to doubt that it will function as it should. I have given feedback to “Elaines Stoves”…and to the Fitter: David Rhys, HETAS Registered….who asked to be kept aware of my experience with FlueCube…so he can recommend it to Clients with problems such as mine..in the future. Thanks again…Regards…John.”