“Hello Dean, We are thrilled to bits with the new cowl – can’t believe the difference it’s made. The room gets really warm now (hot, in fact). The stove ticks over just nicely, using less wood than before but giving out loads more heat You don’t have to keep jumping up to refuel, adjust the airwash, open/close door etc., like we did before. I’ve taken your advice and keep a nice thick bed of ash now. Also, the floor vent is left uncovered all the time now – because the room is so nice and warm, you don’t notice any draft. Since you fitted it we have had strong south/westerly wind, north/ westerly, no wind at all and heavy rain – none of which made any difference at all to the way the stove performed! We’re so glad you happened to have that fluecube on your van that day! Suggest you always carry one with you! Thanks again for all your help and advice. I’ll give you a call in the Spring. Regards, Helen.”