“Hi Ashley You may remember we spoke by phone on 2/10/12 when you kindly offered to give me a Flue Cube so it could be trialled on a Tortoise firebox open fireplace. Gary Evans installed it earlier this week and I’m pleased to say it has been successful. We have an external redbrick chimney built around 1950/55. After fitting the firebox, from Ashtead Fireplaces, we were unable to light a fire without small puffs of smoke coming into the room every 30-60 seconds. It drew for 90-95% of the time but the smoke coming in made it unusable. Gary first thought it was a bird’s nest and swept the chimney but found nothing. After fitting the FlueCube, there were a few puffs of smoke at the first lighting for a couple of minutes but it soon started drawing without a problem. The second time of lighting the fire, there was no problem at all and I’ve even been able to close the Tortoise damper without causing the room to fill with smoke. There was no real explanation before fitting the FlueCube as to why it puffed smoke occasionally – theories being external downdrafts, a nearby tree, the nearby sky dish, etc. But the FlueCube does appear to have made the difference from a marginally working chimney into a properly working one. I hope these results are useful to you and thank you very much for the cube. Kind regards Chris Barlow”