“Hi Ashley, As you know the Fluecube was fitted Tuesday and good ole mother nature has obliged by throwing a mix of weather at us ever since! We’ve had sleet, snow, heavy rain and today it’s rather blustery not gale force but it would have made me think twice about lighting the fire with the previous cowl on there. The first 2 noticeable differences since it was fitted is that there is no longer a draft coming from the fireplace into the room which I always had before and secondly on wet days you could always smell a damp sootiness in the room which could be quite strong and unpleasant now that has gone too! Brilliant. The chimney sweep was curious to see how it performed so once fitted we lit the fire which hadn’t been lit for well over a week. The day was cold, dry & bright with a gentle breeze normally I would get smoke blow back until the chimney had warmed up and flames were roaring but this time the draw was instant, way better than ever before. I was obviously impressed as was the chimney sweep after I explained how it used to be, he said it was an excellent draw and wants to be kept updated on it’s performance as he thinks it would be good for some of his customers so I will be emailing him too. Today I couldn’t wait to try it as it’s been quite windy and as I said before I probably would not have the lit the fire with the old cowl as I would have been smoked out! Well not today! Once again the draw was immediate it was like I was watching tennis as my head twitched from watching the wind outside back to how the fire was performing and it was again absolutely fine. I am thrilled to bits it really does seem to be making a noticeable difference. I will keep you informed of its performance in varying weather conditions especially when we get the really high winds. For now though I think it’s performance is just brilliant and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone suffering issues with their open log fire and would happily speak to anyone to confirm this is a genuine testimonial regarding a test that is so far proving successful.”