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Hi, Don’t know if I ever gave you feedback but enjoying using our stove today, many years later, I needed to make sure I have. The fluecube solved every single problem we ever had with our stove and, whatever the weather, our stove burns brilliantly. We don’t have any issues, ever. Previously we had smoke coming in, trouble lighting and difficulty with a constant down draft. We couldn’t light a fire when it was windy as smoke would be pushed out through the vents.  We had occasional high carbon dioxide measured. Thank you so much for this fabulous product, we are eternally grateful (especially now we are using it in May storms!) 

 Nic Tappenden

The Fireplace co, Crowborough

I just wanted to pass on the email from our client below. Long story short we installed last year and the flue configuration ended up a little more complicated than usual. In some weather conditions the stove really struggled. As usual our go to is one of your fluecubes (it seems to sort every issue out – yet to have a fluecube not cure all of our worries) and we put one on for this client just before Christmas. Seems to have worked a treat once again.

Just this afternoon I have popped one on for another client who’s stove was struggling with down draught. I’m sure another stove cured there too!

David Page

Hearth and Home, Kent

Hi Ashley, I thought I would update you on the twin wall flue cube you supplied me a couple of weeks ago. The issues of downdraft, spillage and just general difficulties in lighting on a 3metre flue have gone as it has totally transformed our stove. It’s genuinely a great product which I would highly recommend, thank you.

Neil Macfarlane

“Ashley, One month and horrendous gales later….Rayburn temperature is rock steady but we can run it as cool,or as hot, as we want to. If we leave it, the temp needle is just nailed there. The Rayburn is utterly silent, and we have had absolutely no oil smells in the house. Really astonishing turnaround. I will post something on your FB page as we are amazed. We have had really dreadful gales lately of a force that used to create awful down drafts, lower temps and on occasion blowing the old Aga out completely!. Fitting a succession of cheaper spiro designs isn’t cost effective over the long term and with no moving parts I think the FlueCube is actually a very smart investment. Chuffed to bits!.”


“Ashley All fitted now and working well. It looks like your fluecube has solved the problem of lighting and running a Morso boiler stove. Thank you very much”


Peaksweep Ltd

“Hi Ashley Just to let you know we had a call from a customer who had recently bought a property and every time they lit the stove it filled the house with smoke I went to look at the job and the problem was clear a slightly short flue that had the extra problem of a tree growing over the top of the flue outlet the flue had a standard cowl fitted this was making the pressure zone even worse the big problem was that the tree had a protection order on it so it couldn’t be cut down !!! We fitted a flue cube and the problem was cured instantly Kind regards”

Les Bowering

Green Sweeps, Southampton

“Thank you for fitting the flue cube this afternoon. Have already tested it out & it’s very impressive, within seconds smoke was puffing out the chimney which is a first as usually the room gets filled! Thank you for recommending it, I’m surprised it’s as good as it is. Many thanks, Deborah yoxon”

Mrs Firmors

East Farleigh

“We live on a farm and had to have some tall trees removed, the knock on effect of this the lack of shelter and the wind blowing across our chimney causing a terrible downdraft. We read about the FlueCube had it installed on the chimney pot and the problem was immediately solved. Mrs Firmors East Farleigh”

Kaye Derwas

Derwas of Welshpool Ltd

“Hi Just to say that we had a customer who was constantly complaining about not being able to light his fire properly and we had tried lots of different cowls to no avail. Anyway, he bought a FlueCube from you and has no problems now. So well done !! Whatever you have designed obviously works !!”

Eric Glancey

PG Fireplaces Hamilton

“I have been in the heating business for over 30 years and I can categorically say this is the best problem solving cowl on the market today. We buy them to solve problems for example a stove and conservatory install with a short chimney. The FlueCube will just solve problems that occur where an install has a short chimney.”

Chris Luker

“Ashley As soon as I fitted the FlueCube things seemed better but I wanted to wait until we had had some bad windy weather. We’ve now been through a few storms including the one this weekend without any smoke in the house – so it’s solved our problem”

Colin Rice

Midland Stoves and Fires Stoneleigh

“I had a really difficult chimney problem the cutomer had servere down draft issue to solve this she had an electric fan on the chimney which she had turned off because it was making an unbearable noise as the fan was wearing out. We replaced the electric fan with a FlueCube and instantly solved the problem.Top product.”

Ian & Caroline Russell

“Having removed the seized up, so-called spinning cowl and replaced it with FlueCube we have notice there is less smoke, less downdraft, burns cleaner and it now copes with wet and blustery weather, unlike the previous cowl when the house would have been smoked out! Excellent piece of kit.Thank you.”

Scott Crowson

Stove Masters Suffolk

“In the showroom I Installed twin flue system on Merlin Midline we are surrounded by trees and open fields. I had the worst case of downdraft I have ever experienced it was so severe ash would blow out the door. I first fitted a spinning cowl but this had no effect it just didn’t work. I then fitted the FlueCube the problem was immediately solved. I don’t waste time on trail and error anymore I just fit FlueCube’s and solve the problem.”

Richard Evans

Grate Prospects

“I was asked to install a stove in Dulwich London, in an extension with a new chimney, being London the extension was surrounded by high buildings I could immediately see the downdraft problem – so the obvious solution was going to be to extend the chimney, but the customer said it would look like a chip shop and was reluctant to do this – so I suggested we install a FlueCube, not a 100% certain the FlueCube could solve this problem in such extreme conditions. I said if it doesn’t work we will replace it with an electric van. The customer agreed, I installed the FlueCube the stove worked perfectly no downdraft. Brilliant bit of kit.”

Jim and Chris Tassell

“We have been using a wood burner for nearly 20 years. We have always had a problem with down draft, when the the wind is in a south west/westerly direction. We got used to the idea that we couldn’t like the fire until the wind moved around and the temperature got colder, then we could light the fire without being smoked out. We recently fitted a new wood burner and flue and hoped that the problem had gone away but the first time we tried to light the fire with the wind in the wrong quarter and the problem was as bad as ever. Our fitter suggested trying the flue cube and we recently ordered one with the back up of a money back guarantee that it would resolve the downdraft issue. We are just writing to let you know that we have been suffering high winds from the dreaded direction and we are delighted to say that our wood burner is lighting and burning beautifully, even with the wind blowing a hooly outside. A remarkable piece of equipment.”

J Dray


“Hello again Ashley…I thought you would want my feedback after using my Woodwarm “FireSprite” for several days since FlueCube was fitted. As you may have surmised..I was very sceptical of the claims made for FlueCube…especially after reading some of the rubbish from people on the web about testing etc…but to say I am delighted would be a massive understatement!. After Elaine of “Elaines Stoves” said she had heard of good results from FlueCube.. from a Dartmoor resident (like myself)…and hearing from a Solid Fuel Appliance Fitter that he, too, had fitted one and had heard no more from his Client…therefore assuming that the Clients problems were resolved…I decided to invest in your product. The stove has never burned better…even functioning properly when the controls on the door were closed completely and the top-left Airwash-Control was also in the closed position. Before FlueCube the stove would simply go out if these controls were shut-down. It really has changed the operation of this old (but good quality) steel stove for the better, The stove quickly reaches a good hot initial operating temperature whether a still calm day on Dartmoor or a very windy day like today. It is colder up-here than where I lived before and therefore I am starting the woodburner earlier than in the past. The logs are really dry…and I have built a proper covered woodstore…so all the elements are in place to battle a cold winter. Obviously I cannot confirm yet…that the stove burns well in extremely cold weather…but I have no reason to doubt that it will function as it should. I have given feedback to “Elaines Stoves”…and to the Fitter: David Rhys, HETAS Registered….who asked to be kept aware of my experience with FlueCube…so he can recommend it to Clients with problems such as the future. Thanks again…Regards…John.”

I Waudby


“Ashley. Just a quick one to say the chimneys have been increased in height and the flue cube installed. Stove now burning so so well. I’m unsure what the biggest factor is (height increase or cube – probably a combination of the two) but over the moon with the results!!!!!! Burning a lot less wood as well Cheers again. Many thanks Ian”

Naomi Murphy

Auldton Stoves, Dunlop, Scotland

“Our customer lived on the top of a hill not uncommon in Scotland, the customer has a Rika stove with serious downdraft problem, due to wind, this proved to be so bad even when the stove was hot the wind was still blowing the stove out. We tried every kind of cowl and then finally the FlueCube. The customer has never had problem since we installed the FlueCube. We are now installing FlueCubes first because they work and save us a lot of time and money.”

Graham Jones

Nr Wrexham

“We have had a Stanley Oil fired stove for 19 years and a chimney pot. In the high winds we get here in Wales the stove would blow out. We tried a spinning cowl but that broke. We recently read about the FlueCube purchased and fitted it. Great success really pleased, no more problems in high winds and it is not going to break because there are no moving parts!”


NACS Sweep

“Ok so I purchased a flue cube at NACS and couldnt wait to check it out I have a brick built barrel vault bread oven which I built this year,decided to have a play with the flue cube …… Time to pizza temp -normally 2hrs 30, Flue cube 1hr 10 Fuel used to get to cooking temp – normally 2.5 pallets -flue cube 1.5pallets time to smoke cessation- normal 45 minutes with hair dryer on through out -flue cube 15 minutes with 5 minutes of hairdryer conclusion: I bought this to go on my old baalfoss stove looks like I am gonna have to buy another one as this one’s staying on my oven!!”

T Bristow

“Following advice from Mr. D. Higgins regarding problems with atmospheric conditions in the Angiddy Valley, Tintern, Monmouthshire I have recently purchased a new wood burning stove and installed as the manufactures instructions, chimney lined and insulated and fitted with bird guard on the top of the chimney. However, on lighting the said stove I was confronted with a room full of smoke as no draw was happening on the chimney, most dismayed at the situation I spoke to David Higgins who supplied me with a Flue Cube, I am delighted to say that since this have been fitted it makes no difference to what is happening in the valley outside, my house inside is free of smoke. I find that this helps greatly to the workings of my wood burner. If the weather is in the right direction I can close the damper and have moderate burning. I am sir, delighted with the performance of your cowl and would recommend this product to anyone with a wood burning stove.”


Forest of Dean, NACS Sweep

“Ashley I went and had a word with the lady who had a FlueCube fitted on her Rayburn which was performing shall we say sadly. But with the introduction of the FlueCube it has according to her “been a wise investment which has worked very well _ The Rayburn now works well and heats the water up to what it should do but the great advantage is that it now does not smoke. So all in all she is very happy as she was sceptical at first but like she said It has been a wise investment and this Cowl actually works and does what it says in the small print.”


Owner of Dr Flue, Huddersfield

“Hi Ashley, I recently fitted a FlueCube cowl to a customer’s problematic chimney which had been suffering from down draft problems and erratic burning for years. After a couple of weeks I received feedback that the stove lit easier with no back draft and burned at a controlled rate under various weather conditions. Problem solved!!. “



“Ashley The Flue Cube arrived safely on schedule and has been fitted to the flue for our new wood burner which works perfectly – no blow back, good steady burn and everything it was claimed to be. “

Keith Palmer


“Thank you very much for installing the cowl on my chimney. I have now been using the woodburner with the cowl fitted for about 3 months. 1 The fire lights and draws much quicker than previously, particularly on cold windless days. 2 I used to use coal as a base in order to get a hotter fire and draw but now find this unnecessary. 3 The woodburner seems to burn hotter and appears to burn longer for the same amount of wood. A small but financial miracle! I must say we are both delighted with cowl and it does not look unsightly or out of place on our period property chimney stack. Thank you very much for the cowl and I wish you success with your product” Kind regards”

J Sang

East Sussex

“Hello Ashley, I would like to say that the result of fitting a FlueCube to my wood burner was immediate! The fire lit with no pre-warming of the chimney and had an amazing draw – I am so delighted after losing the will to live over the amount of smoke that was filling my room every time I tried to light the fire. This FlueCube is fantastic and I have recommended it to my friends and the men who fitted it were very impressed and immediately rang one of their clients who was suffering the same as me with smoke filled room. I believe she has ordered one. Thankyou once again Ashley from a very happy customer.”

R Riley


“Hi Ashley – I’ve just lit the kitchen woodstove and the ease with which it lit reminded me that I hadn’t reported back to you since the cube was fitted in the summer. We’ve had a much better experience with our stove this year – lighting has been much easier with far fewer of the problems associated with having a too-short flue (which as you know was due to the planners forcing apparently random changes on the building of the chimney). The cold down-draft seems to have virtually stopped, the fire burns cleanly and efficiently and lighting it has become far less fraught. Given the scale of the problems we had before I would not hesitate to recommend the cube to others, especially as its appearance is also far less noticeable than I thought it would be – we are very pleased indeed. Best wishes, Rosalind”

Nik Antcliffe

Old Flames of Beverley

“It does exactly what it says on the tin. In fact it worked even better then I’d expected when I installed it for my Scan Wood Burning Stove.”

Mr R Sharples


“There have been times recently when we would not even have been able to light the stove, Easterly winds for example it would have been impossible. Since we fitted the FlueCube on to our 8″ twin wall it has been amazing transforming our stove experience. The stove now runs efficiently and yes saving on fuel it has performed just like you said it would. We are already telling our friends I hope you sell thousands.”

Kay E.


“Hi Ashley I just came in to see the fire blazing away merrily in one of the woodstoves. This was the stove that was a real horror to light, especially on a day like today when it’s wet and the wind is swirling around. Today (as always now) the fire lit first time with no smoke back into the room. When I open it up later to add logs, I won’t be kippered by having smoke coming back in. As you know, I was so impressed by the improvement that I ordered a second flue cube for the other less problematic stove, and it too now draws better. The design of the cubes definitely stops downdrafts, and the inverted cone shape inside increases the flow. I’m still not convinced that the description of how the design works is scientifically accurate, but the fact is the design works. Of course, part of this could be the extra height provided by the cubes, but whatever the reasons I now have two stoves that are easy to light, don’t smoke when opened or when down draughts occur, and that can be used even when the wind is from our problematic direction of North-North-East.”

Paul Critchlow

Eli Sweep on Twitter

“Paul Critchlow @EliSweep @FlueCubeUK in fairness the customer says the fire is burning loads better and is using less fuel since it was fitted. #itsa10fromLen 06:05 PM – 07 Nov 14”


“Excellent: Great product when all others failed FlueCube delivered the fire is more controllable and blow back is a thing of the past we use less timber via being able to slow the burn rate since the down draft has been lessened. Great product I would highly recommend.”

John Jenks

“Hi Ashley, Good to speak to you the other day. I installed the ‘Fluecube’ last Saturday and lit the fire up Sunday evening during a very windy spell in the weather. I didn’t preheat the flue as I normally do to get rid of the column of cold air in the twin wall chimney. The fire lit first time and burned really well. No smoke entered the living room as is so often the case. The initial kindling timber instead of burning rapidly away burned in at a much slower pace seemingly undisturbed by the wind from outside. Normally the flames would be frantic inside the stove if it is windy outside. Much less smoke is visible from the chimney since it has been fitted. Also the fuel seems to burn slower than before since the combustion is not being affected by the weather outside. Yes it is a quality product really nicely made and 316 stainless steel is top notch stuff. It fitted really well and I have bolted it and strapped I to the existing flue arrangement. I will keep you posted. But thanks again. So far so good. I have ready recommended it to a guy at the local builders merchants who lives in a bungalow with a short flue stack. I gave him your web address. Many Thanks”

James Price

Green Man Stoves Stroud

“…this will be a really good option to offer customers who have a low flue draft or problems with condensation in flues.”

Ron White

“Hi Ashley The local chimney sweep fitted the FlueCube in October 2013 and it has worked perfectly ever since. In the high winds we have had recently there was no back draft. Previously we would not have been able to light the fire. We are burning smokeless fuel on an open grate. Highly recommended. Thanks Kind regards”

Jill Taylor

East Yorkshire

“The main problem my dad was having with his Tiger stove was the smoke it was producing. The stove is in a single storey extension with flat roof and the neighbour was complaining the smoke was blowing into her kitchen! Even using wood that was purchased as “dry” it was smoking and also it didnt seem to be drawing properly and smoke was backing up through the vents into the room. As soon as the Cube was fitted we lit the stove to see if it had resolved any of the problems. It took about 4-5 minutes for the stove to warm up and then the smoke just vanished leaving only a heat shimmer visible..The smoke hasn’t come back into the room either so hopefully this problem has stopped too.. My dad is more than happy with the cube and would happily recommend it/you to anyone”


“Dear Ashley, We have been using the Rayburn (on to which we fitted a Flue Cube in the summer) for a couple of months now. There is a lot less smoke and it seems to be burning more efficiently. Obviously there are lots of variables and it is difficult to be quantitative, but our initial reaction is that it was a good investment. Regards,”


“Hello Dean, We are thrilled to bits with the new cowl – can’t believe the difference it’s made. The room gets really warm now (hot, in fact). The stove ticks over just nicely, using less wood than before but giving out loads more heat You don’t have to keep jumping up to refuel, adjust the airwash, open/close door etc., like we did before. I’ve taken your advice and keep a nice thick bed of ash now. Also, the floor vent is left uncovered all the time now – because the room is so nice and warm, you don’t notice any draft. Since you fitted it we have had strong south/westerly wind, north/ westerly, no wind at all and heavy rain – none of which made any difference at all to the way the stove performed! We’re so glad you happened to have that fluecube on your van that day! Suggest you always carry one with you! Thanks again for all your help and advice. I’ll give you a call in the Spring. Regards, Helen.”

Alison Collick

“Hi Ashley, As you know the Fluecube was fitted Tuesday and good ole mother nature has obliged by throwing a mix of weather at us ever since! We’ve had sleet, snow, heavy rain and today it’s rather blustery not gale force but it would have made me think twice about lighting the fire with the previous cowl on there. The first 2 noticeable differences since it was fitted is that there is no longer a draft coming from the fireplace into the room which I always had before and secondly on wet days you could always smell a damp sootiness in the room which could be quite strong and unpleasant now that has gone too! Brilliant. The chimney sweep was curious to see how it performed so once fitted we lit the fire which hadn’t been lit for well over a week. The day was cold, dry & bright with a gentle breeze normally I would get smoke blow back until the chimney had warmed up and flames were roaring but this time the draw was instant, way better than ever before. I was obviously impressed as was the chimney sweep after I explained how it used to be, he said it was an excellent draw and wants to be kept updated on it’s performance as he thinks it would be good for some of his customers so I will be emailing him too. Today I couldn’t wait to try it as it’s been quite windy and as I said before I probably would not have the lit the fire with the old cowl as I would have been smoked out! Well not today! Once again the draw was immediate it was like I was watching tennis as my head twitched from watching the wind outside back to how the fire was performing and it was again absolutely fine. I am thrilled to bits it really does seem to be making a noticeable difference. I will keep you informed of its performance in varying weather conditions especially when we get the really high winds. For now though I think it’s performance is just brilliant and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone suffering issues with their open log fire and would happily speak to anyone to confirm this is a genuine testimonial regarding a test that is so far proving successful.”


Boon Services

“Lincolnshire is very flat built on reclaimed marshland. My customer lived in the middle of the fen exposed from all sides. The main building was a lot taller than the smaller building with the chimney. The downdraft was created by the taller than normal roof of the taller building and the difficulty in getting the Hunter 24KW up to temperature. I tried the usual square anti down draft cowl then the spinning cowl. Both failed to solve the problem. On installing the FlueCube we knew instantly the dynamic in the stove had changed as we could tell the downdraft had gone before we even lit the stove! Needless to say on lighting the stove the problem was solved. I also fitted the FlueCube on my own home a bungalow the chimney was the correct length but every time a south easterly wind blew in from the sea across the flat terrain we would get a downdraft. Problem solved with the FlueCube.”

Steven Howard

VP & Director of GOMCS

“I found the FlueCube easy to install and most importantly; it worked!”

Richard Ryder

FBS Flues & Stoves, Wincanton

“What was odd is the chimney was in perfect condition it should not have needed an atmospheric chimney cowl. For some reason we could not identify we had a massive downdraft problem. We tried the standard spinning cowl. This did not solve the problem. So we installed the FlueCube. Instant result; problem solved. The FlueCube is clearly a superior cowl.”

On Twitter

“Had fire 7 years leaked into the house, the manufacturer pulled the fire apart but FlueCube solved the problem.Thank you”

Rosie Warltier

“Just a brief note to say we had a FlueCube fitted. It has helped the fire start and draw much better. It has also stopped the rain coming down the chimney.”

Sian Hunter

“After installing a FlueCube we have noticed our wood consumption as gone down considerably And it looks great – very state of the art –are we trend setters?”

Andy McKane

Master Chimney Sweep HETAS Installer

“After installing a stove with a flue liner, the customer wasn’t happy with the look of the stove so quickly paid me to install another with the same output. It was a new off the line direct air feed type of stove, every time the door was opened when lit smoke would spill out into the room. The manufacturer acknowledged there was an issue with this stove and even after the baffle was reduced twice the stove was still not functioning adequately for me to sign it off. At this point the customer’s house smelt like a bonfire so he was ready to remove it and put his old stove back in. As a last resort we tried a FlueCube, with instant results the stove pulled correctly even with the door open and the glass stayed clean. Within two weeks the customer’s house smelt fresh again. I will definitely be using the cowl again in the future.”

Peter Hatt

Complete Chimney Services

“Very good results thus far the client is very happy with the improved burning and less downdraft. Many thanks for your help, I look forward to fitting more cubes if it makes all my clients this happy!”

D Bucknall

Warm Knights Ltd, Worcestershire

“A customer of ours had a complaint, from a neighbour, of smoke from the chimney causing a nuisance. We installed the FlueCube and the issue was, well, no longer an issue. Problem solved and both parties happy. Great product.”


“Very happy with mine, I’ve had to burn wetter wood than I wanted this season. The fluecube seems to get the exhaust up and away better. Last year our smoke drifted down and swirled around a lot. So no worries about the neighbours. Plus I reckon you do get a better burn and airflow. Hard to prove without taking on and off and doing it in different weather conditions. I’d like to know more experiences, after all a collective effort will bring about better product development and usage.”

Steve Shrubb

Invicta Chimney Sweeps, GMS Member

“Just fitted my first FlueCube – Single storey extension, twin wall 8” above a flat roof, house directly behind with high wall, front of the extension over looking an estuary. Customer has a wood burner; his previous cowls have been anti downdraft, then spinning, then box, all without success! After FlueCube installation, lit straight away, stove burnt clearly and no back draft. I am impressed and my customer is very happy”

Craig Foster

NACS Sweep

“trust me it’s amazing”

James Gilbert


“..My own experience of the FlueCubes have been hugely positive and they are a super piece of kit for problematic chimneys and I have experience of many different cowls and these are in another league. Kind Regards”

Jim Babington

“In October 2012, I purchased and had professionally installed a well known brand of inset multi-fuel stove. The main intention was to burn kiln dried wood with smokeless fuel as a backup if the need arose. The stove burned very unsatisfactorily almost from the start and my wife and I were very disappointed. I spent many hours researching how to improve the performance of the stove and I came across the FLUECUBE cowl. On reading the information about this cowl it seemed to resolve the problems I had been experiencing. I then spoke to Mr. Martin from FLUECUBE who was very helpful and supportive in trying to resolve my problems. Mr. Martin suggested a local FLUECUBE fitter and I ordered the FLUECUBE the following day. The first time we lit the stove after the FLUECUBE was fitted, the improvement in stove performance was so obvious. The stove is now a pleasure to use. This improvement as been sustained over the following months and I have no hesitation in recommending FLUECUBE to anyone who has a stove. “

Chris Barlow

“Hi Ashley You may remember we spoke by phone on 2/10/12 when you kindly offered to give me a Flue Cube so it could be trialled on a Tortoise firebox open fireplace. Gary Evans installed it earlier this week and I’m pleased to say it has been successful. We have an external redbrick chimney built around 1950/55. After fitting the firebox, from Ashtead Fireplaces, we were unable to light a fire without small puffs of smoke coming into the room every 30-60 seconds. It drew for 90-95% of the time but the smoke coming in made it unusable. Gary first thought it was a bird’s nest and swept the chimney but found nothing. After fitting the FlueCube, there were a few puffs of smoke at the first lighting for a couple of minutes but it soon started drawing without a problem. The second time of lighting the fire, there was no problem at all and I’ve even been able to close the Tortoise damper without causing the room to fill with smoke. There was no real explanation before fitting the FlueCube as to why it puffed smoke occasionally – theories being external downdrafts, a nearby tree, the nearby sky dish, etc. But the FlueCube does appear to have made the difference from a marginally working chimney into a properly working one. I hope these results are useful to you and thank you very much for the cube. Kind regards Chris Barlow”

Andrew Francis

Keeping It Hot

“Hi. Registered last night with you & got trade details today, thank you. I fitted my first one this evening in Hingham for Mr Bacon, I believe you have spoken to him. He has a brick chimney with clay liner that had been built on a new farmhouse. When I fitted the stove there was such a bad downdraft it smoked the room out. I thought that the chimney was going to have to be doubled in height to get over the problem. We fitted the cube tonight and warmed the flue, put a smoke pellet in and pooff the smoke was gone!!! I could not believe my eyes. We lite the fire and it blazed away. I will definitely be recommending these to my customers with problem chimneys. Thank you”

Edward & Diana Watson

“Hi Ashley. Just had to tell you what a great success the”FlueCube” has been to us, we have gone from a non-drawing, smoking wood burner to a super efficient fire, we can`t thank you enough for your excellent service & help. We will certainly be recommending the “Flue Cube” to all.Thank you.”

Martin Tradewell

The Dales Sweep

“My customer complained of the noise her chimney made in high winds. We tried a number of different cowls to overcome this noise issue to no avail. We then fitted the FlueCube and the problem is now solved”

Bruce Ballagher

“We had customer with a new wood burning stove that was suffering from a poor draw and constantly blackening doors which, as the stove had large all surrounding glass windows was problematical for the owner. We tried a number of the usual remedies to no avail and then decided to try the FlueCube, somewhat sceptically I have to admit. The fitting of the FlueCube was fairly straight forward and the results have been very surprising for us: more heat generated, significantly improved draw, easier to light, less ash and a near total eradication of the door blackening. We would certainly recommend this cowl if faced with this type of issue in the future.”

Steve Richardson

“12 months ago I installed a Biomass wood pellet into a new build property near Devizes Wilts. Although the boiler worked well I was encountering real problems with smoke coming back down the flue, which also caused problems with flue temperature making the alarm go off on a regular basis. We tried rectifying the problem by adding height to the flue, installing a fan on the flue, and adjusting the settings on the boiler on many occasions, but nothing seemed to work. The boiler supplier was convinced that the problem was caused by atmospherics in the area, and suggested we try a new cowl on the market called FLUECUBE. We installed FlueCube three weeks ago, and it has transformed the problem. Since the FlueCube has been installed we have had no smoke problems whatsoever, and also the temperature in the flue has decreased by a average of 30 degrees so the temp alarm has not gone off once since installation. I would thoroughly recommend the FlueCube if you are having similar problems. Regards”

J Legg


“Being somewhat sceptical about claims made in advertising, I spoke to yourselves and subsequently ordered a Fluecube. This was easily fitted by our son and just over a week later the fire is working brilliantly, the most heat in the 12 years since it was installed, no cloud of smoke hovering throughout the house each time doors opened. During this week the only weather we haven’t experienced is snow. Highly recommend this product.”



“I have had a Aga for 6 years that has smoked every time we have windy conditions. I have fitted 4 different cowls, all supposed to stop the downdraft, but all with no success. I recently fitted a FlueCube and this has fully solved the problem, even in the highest gales. On the day I fitted the Flue cube the Aga was smoking bad but immediately the Fluecube was fitted all smoke and smell ceased. This has been a terrific investment and a reduction in fuel use is quite measurable. Thank you for finally solving my problem.”

Mr Crossman

Fire Water Cornwall

“The customer had installed a top of the range stove and flue system but, with neighbours complaining of smoke, he had a problem. To solve the problem I tried a number of chimney terminals without success, and then a chimney sweep recommended the FlueCube to me. We purchased the FlueCube and installed it, within two minutes the problem was solved. I have been in this industry for years and this is an amazing product – I will certainly be buying more.”


East Sussex

“Dear Ashley. Just a short email to say the FlueCube is a terrific success. The woodburning stove is drawing well and working cleanly for the first time for fifteen years. I have recommended it already to one other person and both the chimney fitter and the person who sweeps the chimneys are very impressed. I hope you get more orders as a result! “

David Moore


“On a recent visit to a customer who uses his stove every day to cook, I was surprised to find for the first time the flue wasn’t coked up –  in fact there was less than half a cup full of soot. I asked him if he had stopped using the stove. “No” he said, “I still use it every day, but I have a new cowl.” I went outside to find a FlueCube on his chimney. “

Mr and Mrs L Sharp


“Just to say, fixed your flue cube on chimney last week, and we’re very impressed, lights easier, and no smoke blow back, when opening door, because found that a real problem.”


“I bought a cube this spring and provided early and very positive feedback. Last night in Jersey we had code red weather warnings and the worst overnight gales in recent years- really wild and prolonged gales. The Rayburn was rock steady despite force 12 wind gusts. I’ve strongly recommended the cube again locally only just last week and still of the view that this is one of the best products I have bought in many years.”

Robert Filmer

“Dear Ashley, I fitted your Flue Cube with a fair degree of scepticism it being my third cowl to stop down drafts on windy days. I am pleased to report the stove during this weekend’s gales drew incredibly well, with not the slightest down draft. Thank you very much.”

Andrew Wilkinson

“Installed and functioning perfectly. This stove has never drawn. It’s a still, cold evening here, the stove hasn’t been lit for over a year and it’s fired up first time and absolutely no smoke in the house, drawing beautifully. Perfect. Does what you said it would. Very satisfied.”

Hilary Mead


“Now when lighting the stove every day is a pleasure with the FlueCube we loved it so much we have bought another for our other stove.”

Alan Vanstone

“Ashley, I’ve just witnessed a miracle! Flue Cube now fitted and I’ve just lit the wood burner with a moderate south west wind outside, something I would never have been able to do before, (without filling the room with smoke!) and there was absolutely no smoke what so ever, what a miracle. Thank you, Money well spent.”


“What an unexpected and great surprise when my Fluecube arrived today !! I’ve installed it and it has transformed my new Charnwood Tor Pico – I was seriously thinking of getting rid of it because it just wouldn’t light – but now a miracle has happened !!! Have a great Christmas, regards, Paul.”



“Dale Collins (NACS Sweep in Sunderland) came & swept our chimney back in August and we asked his advice concerning cowls, since moving into our home 2 years ago we have tried 2 different anti down draught cowls for our log burning stove & they were both useless.

We were getting chimney smells in our home when the wind was strong & the stove was not even lit, when it was lit, the smoke in our home was unbearable during strong winds. Dale advised installing a “Flu-Cube”, we took his advice & he installed it, the problem is now solved & we use less fuel than before, no more smells or smoke in our home. Money well spent

Thank you very much Dale!”

Pete Kittell

“We’ve had a wood burner with a normal cowl for about 11 years and live at the upper end of a windy valley. We used to light our fire based on whether there were any windy conditions due because until the fire had established itself we always ran the risk of backdraughts smoking out the living room. We heard about the Fluecube and wondered whether it might provide a solution to our difficulties. I had always disliked the large ‘H’ shaped wind cowls you see around and the Fluecube seemed to offer other benefits from a more modern design. I installed the Fluecube myself, having arranged a scaffold, and the instructions were very straightforward and the installation a breeze.

Wow, what a transformation! This cowl does exactly what it says it does and we cannot be more pleased at the massive difference it has made to the enjoyment of our home. Firstly, we can light our fire in all conditions, we have recently had 2 Autumnal storms which, in the past, would have stopped us lighting the fire until they had passed. With the Fluecube, you just light the fire, no backdraft, plenty of draw, no problems.

Moreover, we are seeing numerous other benefits we had not considered with the Fluecube. With the previous cowl we had to load the wood burner put in firelighters, spray the kindling with paraffin, add coal etc to get the quickest heat input as quickly as possible. Now we are just using wood and kindling to light the fire every time with ease. This is saving us money on consumables and more importantly, the draw is now much more consistent and as a result it is burning the logs more evenly. As a result I estimate that we are now using up to 40% less fuel to heat the room than we used to and the room heats up much quicker. The increase in heat into the room is interesting as I have a stove fan which, with the old cowl, used to kick at around 15 minutes of burn. With the Fluecube it starts after only 10 minutes, showing that more heat is being produced into the room more quickly.

Finally, it has brought me piece of mind, I now know I can light the fire in almost any conditions, it will draw straightaway, get the room warm quicker and save me money on consumables and firewood. If you are thinking of getting a Fluecube yourself, don’t hesitate, it is without doubt the best investment for the future enjoyment of my household I have made in a long time.”

Adam Osbourne

“Can not recommend the FlueCube highly enough! We recently had a wood burning stove installed on a short flue in a single story extension that failed 2 smoke tests, with smoke entering the room. After the helpful advice from Ashley we ordered a FlueCube…… after the 2 minute install of the cube the stove now works like a dream. No smoke, and easy to light…….. I was sceptical that this would work as well as it does, but so glad I was wrong. If your considering purchasing a FlueCube, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!”

Mr M Storey

Lower Raydon

“A Happy Customer, I am just writing to tell you we have fitted the FlueCube and it has worked brilliantly. I tried two hats previous to the FlueCube and they didn’t make any difference what a waste of money! I live in a valley and suffer severe downdraft in high winds we would literally be smoked out. I first thought the FlueCube expensive when I purchased it, but it has transformed our stove. I can now see its great value for money, how rewarding to buy something that delivers on its promise.”

Jo Gardiner


“Just want to say having nearly spent £2000 on a new Woodburner and chimney lining etc. Fluecube has transformed our fire! Amazing results, no more smoke blowing back in or smells. Whatever the weather. Fantastic product if you are looking at this and not sure whether to try it, I can’t recommend it enough! Go for it!”

Tom Oyler

“We had problems with our stove and flue since fitted two years ago. It worked fine when burning but we would get downdraft when the system was cold and not being used and even had our carbon monoxide alarm go off when the burner cooled; after a burn because the downdraft would kick in. A Local company fitted a FlueCube and we have seen a huge difference. So I certainly would recommend to anyone in a similar position and we are very pleased with the Cube."

Richard Black

“Hi, I bought a flue cube a couple of Months ago or even longer ago, only now am I reaping the benefits of the flue cube.

My current chimney is lover than the adjacent roof and hidden by a tree on the other side and I was unsure if it would work and given the price of the cowl I was going to tell the good lady wife that we would have to live with a cold kitchen and no stove or go for and electric or oil stove, but I took the chance and have never looked back and the Wife is very happy and the kitchen is red hot all day long.
Good quality item and a doddle to fit will out last me.
Good people and a good product what more can you ask for?”


“I have lived in my quite exposed farmhouse for 21 years with two successive second-hand rayburns which smoked badly in a NNW and even worse in a due North wind even though we replaced inside and outside flue. Then we bought brand new rayburn approx 6 years ago but no change. I have lived my life by the wind direction knowing that days when a North wind was blowing I would not be able to cook or heat the radiators, I just had to open the windows and let the rayburn go out or not light it at all. Christmas and very cold winters were a nightmare as that was my only way of cooking and heating the house other than an open fire in lounge.

We tried a shower cap which didn’t work than a cowl with same result then we added another metre of flue with no improvement. We’d know that the wind had changed when the smoke would start puffing in from the kitchen.

Well back in November we bought your fluecube and since we put it up there has been a slight NNW wind but no full on North one.Well yesterday up in Satley a quite cold North wind was blowing which I attach a photo of the smoke which I have never seen in this direction before without the Windows and door open ( the back of the house faces North) and my rayburn was working flat out cooking and heating the radiators with gusto.

I want to thank you for changing my life, Roll on the winter and whatever it has in store. I just thought you’d like to know.”

Stephen Trainer

“Hi, I bought a flue cube of you a couple of weeks back and just wanted to say what a fantastic job it’s done, no more annoying back draft problems what so ever and the burner burns so much better now, it’s nice to have a part of the house not stinking of smoke when we lit the burner in windy conditions, thanks again, Stephen Trainer”

Roger and Glenys Brown

“Thank you for the service you have offered us and also we would like to say that your Flue Cube does exactly what it says it will do. We were really skeptical as we had had so many problems with our chimney and were on the verge of taking the wood burner out, we tested it on a very windy day and were so surprised not to have any smoke blow back and could actually see the fire through the glass instead of just seeing a black door. Thank you very much, Kind regards, Roger and Glenys Brown”



“Had a 5kW Stove running on a rear exit with an external twin wall that consistently smoked back under refuelling and needed flue to be warmed on days when others in the showroom didn’t.

Had already tried adding extra height to the flue which was already above minimum height requirements with no joy.
Ashley very kindly sorted me a flue cube and the transformation is amazing!

No more spillage, no prewarming the flue, just perfect lighting and refuelling every time.

Have already and will continue to recommend this product to my customers who have similar issues.

Thanks Ashley.”

Mark Sword


“Having heard a lot of great reviews for this Fluecube I purchased one in preparation for this winter. I was a little worried considering the price but you definitely get what you pay for. This piece of engineering is flawless and I can now use my log burner even on the windiest of days. totally worth the money. For anyone who has a short chimney flue with poor draw and downdraft this is the answer !!.
this time last year with the high winds I could not light my log burner as it was constantly blowing back the smoke into the room.
thankfully no longer an issue.”


“Hello Ashley, Just a quick message to say thank you for your amazing product it works fantastically well we are really pleased with it. It does exactly what it’s designed to do."


“Hi Ashley, I’ve been meaning to message you for a while now to let you know how pleased we are with the flue cube. Previously, I would only put the stove on if it was calm/not a breath of wind as the down draft was so awful our living room filled with smoke. With the flue cube there have been absolutely no issues with down draft and the fire going out. Even with storm Aiden a few weeks ago it lit no bother and didn’t even flicker. In fact, I now think it lights better the windier it is. Very pleased, money well spent 😊”

Mike Kerr

“Hi Ashley – the Fluecube is now installed (so straight forward I did it myself!) at our house in France where previous chimney cowls have failed in stopping the dreadful ‘blow back’ of smoke when there’s anything more than a breeze. Still testing the Fluecube in this current spell of chill Spring weather – and so far, so good – the new cowl is performing as promised with the welcome bonus of burning more slowly so saving on wood whilst maintaining the expected heat output. Very impressed (so far!!).”


Co Down N Ireland

“Great product, we tried everything but this is the only cowl that solved our down draft problems.”

Dusty Sweeps

Hannington, Wiltshire

“First Fluecube fitted today, to this twin wall system.

Still needed the flue preheating to get rid of the cold plug. But once the kindling was lit and stove up to temperature, it was the best operation of the stove the customers had ever seen.

Today (cold & still) was the perfect conditions to try and replicate the smoke spilling out in the early stages…but the Fluecube worked brilliantly. Very happy customers and very impressed sweep.”

Paul Bullivant

Clean and Clear Chimneys, Spalding

“Just to let you know I installed the cube you supplied me with today and it made a virtually unusable stove in to a great working one.One happy customer.”

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FlueCube UK is manufactured under license from FlueCube NZ © 2011
Patent No: GB2492308
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