The FlueCube is a stainless steel chimney cowl manufactured to the highest standards by Brewer Metalcraft Ltd here in the UK. The FlueCube comes in four colours, black, silver, terracotta and Buff it is manufactured in high quality 316 stainless steel that is rust resistant, strong and durable. All FlueCube colour-ways are made from stainless steel – we paint the terracotta to blend in with chimney pots and black to blend in with black twin walls but all colours conform to the same high standards.

Type 316 stainless steel, also known as marine grade stainless, is used in manufacturing the FlueCube chimney cowl because it is highly resistant to corrosion. This type of stainless steel has been used in architecture on the exterior of skyscrapers because of its resistance to rust but is also the stainless steel of choice when it will be exposed to sea water and brine solutions. Type 316 stainless steel is an austenitic chromium and nickel stainless steel, heat resistant and easy to clean. This means that although this type of steel is a little more expensive to use in the manufacture of the FlueCube chimney cowl, it is worth the initial outlay to reap the benefits later on.

The FlueCube stainless steel chimney cowl is self cleaning, provided that low resin fuels are burned in the stove-and that means low maintenance. However it is recommended by chimney sweeps and FlueCube that you have your chimney inspected regularly to keep your wood burning/multi fuel stove working at its maximum efficiency.

Unlike other stainless steel chimney cowls, the FlueCube has no moving parts that will wear out and need replacing. No part of the FlueCube rotates or revolves meaning that there is nothing to jam up or clog. The only thing that moves inside the FlueCube is air. As the stove is lit with the air vents open. the FlueCube creates a vortex of air inside the stainless steel chimney cowl that works to bring the stove to its optimum temperature. A wood burner or multi fuel stove is easier to light with the FlueCube stainless steel cowl in place and the system will get to its optimum temperature quicker.

Once the stove is working at the optimum temperature and the air vents have been closed down on the stove, the vortex of air is maintained – only now the cyclone of air is moving more slowly. A slower moving vortex keeps the stove burning at the correct rate to maintain the optimum temperature thus ensuring that the stove burns more efficiently and creates fuel efficiency. As the FlueCube stainless steel chimney cowl also prevents downdrafts, this means that your stove only burns what it needs to in the way of fuel, making your wood burner more cost effective to run. The FlueCube is a stainless steel chimney cowl is designed to fit a 6″inch flue or 5″inch flue which caters for about 95% of all flues here in the UK and will fit easily into stainless steel twinwall flues. Or we can make it to the size you need if for industrial use. We state the FlueCube is the best stainless steel chimney cowls on the market but don’t just take our word for it – see our testimonials page to see what our customers think!

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