The FlueCube Chimney Cowl is built to last. It is made from quality 316 stainless steel and has no moving parts, so won't break. We manufacture two versions one for chimney pots and comes with all the fitting attachments and one for flue pipes that slides into the inner diameter (usually 6"or 5" ) of the twin wall flue.The FlueCube is also bird proof, wind proof, snow proof, helps to keep out rain and helps keep your flue cleaner, providing low resin wood is burned.

Painted models are finished in high quality, high temperature stove paint.

FlueCube UK always recommends that your FlueCube is installed by someone who is safe on ladders if you want us to recommend a Professional chimney sweep/installer in your area please email with your postcode or call 07904 022188 or 01580 715 870

Also go to Stove Fitters Manual in our links page for further information on stove fitting.