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The Benefits of Chimney Cowls

There are many types of chimney cowls available and they are standard products for owners of wood-burning stoves to guard against moisture caused by rain, nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow.

Anti-downdraft chimney cowls are necessary when your chimney is exposed to windy conditions and the wind creates drafts and eddies, causing smoke to blow down the chimney back into your home. Smoke is poisonous, so no one likes this to happen.

A chimney cowl can prevent debris, such as leaves, branches, and animals from entering your chimney, reducing the risk of blockages or chimney fires.

About the FlueCube

There are many types of chimney cowls on the market such as the spinning chimney cowl and H-shaped cowls being examples.

However, the FlueCube is by far the most effective anti-downdraft cowl providing maximum protection such as guarding against nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow and promoting the efficiency of your stove.

Why? Because the inventor of the patented FlueCube set out to create a new standard in chimney cowls; one that would solve all these problems and also dramatically reduce emissions levels, making the FlueCube one of the greenest most efficient chimney cowls on the market. Take a look at our FlueCube test.

How do chimneys work?

Chimneys are an important part of a home's ventilation system. They work by allowing smoke, heat, and other gases to escape from the home while also preventing outside air from entering. The chimney helps the exit of flue gases by creating a draft that pulls air up and out of the house. This is done through the use of convection, which is when warm air rises and cool air falls. On occasion, short chimneys are unable to properly conduct this function due to their size.

Made in the UK
Free Delivery & Money-Back Guarantee
Patented Design
Leaders in Energy Efficiency

How does downdraught occur in short chimneys?

Chimney downdraught occurs in these types of chimneys because there isn’t enough draw due to the fact there is a lack of chimney height. The flow of smoke billows back down the chimney and into the accommodation, causing problems for residents due to toxic gases and the possibility of dangerous chimney fires.

This is a common occurrence associated with short chimneys on residential constructions such as bungalows, conservatories, single-storey extensions, chimneys situated below the roof line or perhaps even glamping accommodations.

The cause of chimney downdraft is often related to wind direction and strength, trees, architecture or atmospheric pressure caused by mountains or valleys. Short chimneys can be more vulnerable to these external factors, so you need to take action rather than risk being smoked out or having to open all the windows on a winter’s day.

To prevent this, it is important to ensure that the chimney is of the correct height and diameter for the stove. The chimney should be at least three feet taller than any part of the roof within a ten foot radius. Additionally, the flue size should be appropriate for the stove being used. If these two criteria are not met, then downdraft and draw issues can occur.

Short Chimney FlueCube Case Study

Roger Curtis
"All is well"

“Chimney sweep (Registered) came to fit the cube but expressed doubts as to its capabilities so did a before and after test.

A flame was introduced to the firebox of the wood burner and showed a poor draw, smoke test was then put into the wood burner and it floated about and did not evacuate very quickly. Exactly as the year before when he had last tested it.

The Flue Cube was then fitted and the same test was carried out.

He was absolutely astonished!

The draw was superb and the smoke was evacuated immediately.

He was so impressed he asked me for all the details, which I gave him, the website, etc.etc.

He had, apparently, a number of customers with not dis-similar issues. He is convinced this FlueCube cowl is the answer.

Because it was cold here last night we lit our wood burner to try it out properly. It lit immediately with no smoke blowback and burnt evenly and hotter than before.

There was very little debris, just fine ash, to clear out this morning.

After searching on the web and looking at different types of cowl, my wife and I saw the FlueCube and although it was more expensive than other offerings we decided, after reading the specification and its abilities, that it should be the answer to our problems.

It certainly has changed the operation of the wood burning stove significantly for the better. The glass is no longer a tar covered mess in the morning and the ash residue is fine and powdery with all the fuel completely consumed. We have had no blow back whatsoever.

After many years of struggling with this problem my wife and I are very happy that it has been money well spent."

Chimney cowls for short chimneys

FlueCube, “The clever chimney cowl” will solve these problems and has many design factors that does this by using the rising hot air from the stove, creating a positive draw through the flue system, stabilising the burn within the stove and thus enabling the stove to perform (burn) at a much greater efficiency consuming a larger amount of black carbon (soot) then would previously be possible.

The FlueCube also enables stoves to be installed in areas of low pressure and thermal disturbance (normally restrictive for stoves).

The Flue Cube is an ideal chimney cowl for bungalows and conservatories, single storey extensions, chimneys situated below the roof ridge, glamping accommodation, industrial and domestic chimneys.

The FlueCube enhances fuel consumption
Reduces downdraught of smoke
Is a suitable chimney cowl for conservatories, single-storey extensions and bungalows
Helps your wood burner and flue function efficiently
Suitable for the majority of fireplace chimneys in houses and industrial sites

How does the FlueCube fit on a short chimney?

The FlueCube is designed to fit onto a short chimney stack and can be easily installed in a matter of minutes. It is made from stainless steel and has an adjustable collar that fits around the flue pipe, allowing it to be securely attached to the chimney. The cowl creates a vortex which helps to direct the smoke and hot gases away from the house.

Why Choose FlueCube?

The FlueCube is a highly effective anti-downdraft chimney cowl designed to reduce smoke and carbon emissions, with the following benefits:
Reduces expensive heat loss and improves energy efficiency
Increases heat output from your fireplace and reduces emissions
Provides animal protection and improves ventilation
Reduces downdraft in chimneys and protects against inhospitable weather conditions
Suitable for domestic and commercial use, and fits 95% of all chimney flues in the UK (5-6 inches)

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