We have lived in our converted barn for 15 years, and had a Jetmaster fitted around ten years ago. For all that time we have been unable to light a fire in the lounge if the wind was above 15 mph and/or from the south west, as smoke would be blown back into the room. At times the lounge became uninhabitable for several hours. Since we live a mile from the sea in South Devon we had to endure many fireless days during the winter -days when one would particularly want a fire.

Our chimney sweep Darrell, from Vivid Clean Sweep in Plymouth, suggested fitting a Fluecube to our chimney, to solve the smoke problem. We agreed, and Darrell fitted it three weeks ago. The initial impressions were excellent, but we were keen to see how it performed in very windy conditions - which we had last Saturday. If anything the Fluecube worked even more effectively. The benefits we would mention from the experiences of the last three weeks include:

  • We no longer have smoke blowback
  • We can light the fire more easily, even without the use of firelighters
  • Once lit, the fire takes hold more quickly
  • The fire gives out more heat than previously
  • The fire lasts longer; even at lunch time on the day after a fire there is still heat from the wood ash
  • Because of the increased efficiency the bedrooms above the lounge get warmer
  • The fire consumes less logs than previously - though this could be something to do with the type/quality of logs not just because of the Fluecube; we need longer to see how it performs over the winter

So, thank you for solving our problem! We are truly grateful, and can at last look forward with confidence to a roaring log fire at Christmas and through the winter - whatever the weather! (So a Fluecube isn't just for Christmas, it's for life; sorry...).

If you wish to use any of the above comments in any sort of advert or testimonial, feel free. We would be delighted to share our positive experience with others. Anyone local to Devon can pop round and have a look if they need to see the Fluecube. I attach a couple of photos - the terracotta colour tones in nicely with the brickwork on our chimney and the stonework of our barns.

I should add that it was even more windy last night than on the previous Saturday; the Fluecube was unperturbed, took the gusting gales in its stride...And this morning, after more wind, there was no ash on the hearth that we used to get. Brilliant!

Phil & Judith Ward Holbeton Devon, November 18

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