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For your peace of mind, we offer a money back guarantee on all stove and flue installs.

Improves Your Stoves Efficiency

Your stove will produce less soot and smoke, while burning at a hotter temperature yet using your fuel more efficiently. Your FlueCube will last forever, so it will save you money in the long term.

What are the benefits of the FlueCube?

Stops Blow Back Smoke and Smell
Creates Draw
Easier to Light
Saves Money
Solves Short Chimney Problems
Heat Faster
Reduces Particulates

Testing the FlueCube

At low temperatures, when a stove is struggling to get going, the positive draw the FlueCube creates (as oppose to a standard cowl or cap) speeds your stove on its way to reaching its optimum temperature. By the time 100 degrees centigrade is reached, your stove is burning at 15 pascals such that you can turn the air vents on your stove down. This efficiency in getting your stove to the optimum temperature means that problems such as downdraft are minimised and fuel effectiveness is maximised, burning off soot and keeping your flue cleaner.

Without FlueCube

With FlueCube

Testing the FlueCube on reducing pm 2.5 particle emissions in the home

Wood combustion will always produce some particles; it is desirable to reduce these particles in the home to the minimum. To achieve this, homeowners should install a modern Defra approved stove and burn logs with a moisture content below 20% from a reputable seller. To optimise these benefits we advise purchasing the FlueCube Chimney Cowl that has been proven to reduce emissions and improve burn efficiency. We recommend specifying a FlueCube; it is British made from 316 stainless steel, has no moving parts and is manufactured to last.

"Our experience with our new Fluecube, has been little short of miraculous."

"We have lived in our converted barn for 15 years, and had a Jetmaster fitted around ten years ago. For all that time we have been unable to light a fire in the lounge if the wind was above 15 mph and/or from the south west, as smoke would be blown back into the room…"

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Made in Britain

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FlueCube UK is manufactured under license from FlueCube NZ © 2011
Patent No: GB2492308
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