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The Benefits of Chimney Cowls

There are many types of chimney cowls available and they are standard products for owners of wood-burning stoves to guard against moisture caused by rain, nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow.

Anti-downdraft chimney cowls are necessary when your chimney is exposed to windy conditions and the wind creates drafts and eddies, causing smoke to blow down the chimney back into your home. Smoke is poisonous, so no one likes this to happen.

A chimney cowl can prevent debris, such as leaves, branches, and animals from entering your chimney, reducing the risk of blockages or chimney fires.

About the FlueCube

There are many types of chimney cowls on the market such as the spinning chimney cowl and H-shaped cowls being examples.

However, the FlueCube is by far the most effective anti-downdraft cowl providing maximum protection such as guarding against nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow and promoting the efficiency of your stove.

Why? Because the inventor of the patented FlueCube set out to create a new standard in chimney cowls; one that would solve all these problems and also dramatically reduce emissions levels, making the FlueCube one of the greenest most efficient chimney cowls on the market. Take a look at our FlueCube test.

Domestic Chimney Cowls

Having a chimney or stove in your home can be a challenge, whether you’re struggling to light it, maintain its optimal temperature, or see smoke & soot blow back into your home.

More often than not, your chimney cowl is at fault for these problems; as the majority of chimney cowls do not offer preventative measures such as anti-downdraft and blockages.

Made in the UK
Free Delivery & Money-Back Guarantee
Patented Design
Leaders in Energy Efficiency

Industrial Chimney Cowls

The FlueCube isn’t only just suitable for the home, but also for industrial use. With factories using considerably more fuel than the average home, and in turn, producing more fumes, it’s important that you reduce your fuel consumption and protecting the environment whilst getting the most out of your energy resource.

The FlueCube:
- Is designed to last a lifetime
- With its unique design, it will not rust or corrode
- Suitable for all sized businesses
- Will limit exposure to harmful emissions

The FlueCube uses incomparable airflow technology that ensures the flue remains at its optimum temperature without being affected by downdrafts, nesting birds, or potential blockages.

If you’re in need of a custom-sized FlueCube, get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements with our chimney specialists.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Kaye Derwas
Derwas of Welshpool Ltd

“Hi Just to say that we had a customer who was constantly complaining about not being able to light his fire properly, and we had tried lots of different cowls to no avail. Anyway, he bought a FlueCube from you and has no problems now. So well done !! Whatever you have designed obviously works !!”

Eric Glancey
PG Fireplaces Hamilton

“I have been in the heating business for over 30 years and I can categorically say this is the best problem solving cowl on the market today. We buy them to solve problems for example a stove and conservatory install with a short chimney. The FlueCube will just solve problems that occur where an install has a short chimney.”

David Page
Hearth and Home, Kent

“Hi Ashley, I thought I would update you on the twin wall flue cube you supplied me a couple of weeks ago. The issues of downdraft, spillage and just general difficulties in lighting on a 3metre flue have gone as it has totally transformed our stove. It’s genuinely a great product which I would highly recommend, thank you.”

Types of FlubeCube

We manufacture two types of chimney cowls to suit the majority of chimneys.

Single Chimney Cowls

The single chimney pot cowls are fitted to chimney pots by sliding them on and you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra fittings or specialist equipment, they come with all the fitting attachments.

They slide over the edge of the chimney pot and then tighten with the fittings provided.

We always recommend that your FlueCube is installed by someone who is safe on ladders.

If you want us to recommend a professional installer, feel free to contact us.

Twin Chimney Cowls

A twin-wall flue is a chimney pipe that has a layer of insulation between two walls, this reduces the heat transfer to the outer wall of the pipe.

When buying a twin wall flue, you would need to measure the inner diameter for the flue pipe to be inserted into the inner diameter which is usually 6"or 5" of the twin wall flue.

If you’re in need of a custom-sized FlueCube, get in contact with us today to discuss your requirements with our chimney specialists.
We also stock cowls for wood burners.

To read what our customers think of the FlueCube chimney cowl, see our testimonials page or to order your own FlueCube and reap the benefits, call customer services on 01580 715870 or 07904 022188 for any questions and chimney advice.

Why Choose FlueCube?

The FlueCube is a highly effective anti-downdraft chimney cowl designed to reduce smoke and carbon emissions, with the following benefits:
Reduces expensive heat loss and improves energy efficiency
Increases heat output from your fireplace and reduces emissions
Provides animal protection and improves ventilation
Reduces downdraft in chimneys and protects against inhospitable weather conditions
Suitable for domestic and commercial use, and fits 95% of all chimney flues in the UK (5-6 inches)

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Our high-quality products are guaranteed to last a lifetime. If for some rare reason you are unhappy with your purchase, if you contact us you can receive a full refund.
When the fire is lit, the air vents on the stove can be closed down, with the vortex of air being maintained at a slow pace to maintain temperature and thus ensure the stove burns more efficiently. Having a FlueCube installed also improves the efficient heating of your home while contributing to reducing your fuel bill. Saving on fuel means that you save money and help the environment. You can always have a look at our FlueCube test for more information.The FlueCube is supported by Low Carbon Kent, where we are located, because of its potential to reduce black carbon.
We state the FlueCube is the best stainless steel chimney cowl on the market but don’t just take our word for it – see our testimonials page to see what our customers think! Alternatively, you can contact us to ensure you are purchasing the correct size and product.
The cowl is manufactured from type 316 stainless steel, also known as marine grade stainless steel and is used in manufacturing the FlueCube chimney cowl as it is highly resistant to corrosion, heat resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and provides maximum protection.
FlueCube UK is manufactured under license from FlueCube NZ © 2011
Patent No: GB2492308
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