Chimney cowls are standard products for owners of wood burning stoves to guard against moisture caused by rain, nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow. Anti-downdraft chimney cowls are necessary when your chimney is exposed to windy conditions and the wind creates drafts and eddies, causing smoke to blow down the chimney back into your home. Smoke is poisonous, so no one likes this to happen. There are a number of anti-downdraft chimney cowls on the market, spinning and H shaped cowls being examples. However the FlueCube is by far the most effective anti-downdraft cowl, at the same time guarding against nesting birds, vermin, wind and snow and promoting the efficiency of your stove.

Why? Because the inventor of the patented FlueCube set out to create a new standard in chimney cowls; one that would solve all these problems and also dramatically reduce emissions levels, making the FlueCube one of the greenest most efficient chimney cowls on the market. Originally designed in New Zealand in 2008, the FlueCube chimney cowl is sold across the world and now has international patents pending in 40 countries supported by a legion of happy customers.

As well as being a highly effective anti-downdraft cowl, the FlueCube is free of moving parts meaning that it won’t wear out. Using our patented cyclone technology, smoke and carbon emissions are dramatically reduced and this is why the FlueCube chimney cowl is supported by the EEC through Low Carbon Kent. You will also find that the FlueCube makes your wood burning/multi fuel stove much easier to light and will slow the rate at which the stove burns fuel due to improved efficiency, saving you money.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel here in the UK, in a choice of four colours (silver, terracotta, black and buff) the FlueCube chimney cowl is made to high standard of durability. So confident are we of the efficiency of the FlueCube chimney cowl that we offer a full refund if it does not solve your problem once installed. The FlueCube also comes with a five year guarantee for complete peace of mind regarding its longevity.

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