Choosing the right chimney cowl for a wood burner is essential to ensure that the efficiency and performance of your stove is at its best. There is a huge array of chimney cowls on the market, both for wood burners and multi fuel stove. We believe the answer is to buy a FlueCube , a cowl which might not be the cheapest but it is the best value for money as is guaranteed to improve the performance of your stove instantly.

There are a range of problems that a chimney cowl will address with your wood burner/multi fuel stove: nesting birds, vermin and downdraft being the most common.

A FlueCube chimney cowl should protect the chimney from birds. Birds can find their way inside the chimney and become trapped inside the stove which can be distressing for all. Birds will also nest inside the chimney, creating a blockage inside the flue. The FlueCube discourages birds from finding their way into the chimney as their entrance is impeded.

A FlueCube chimney cowl is the best cowl on the market at solving downdraft problems. Downdrafts can be caused when a chimney is below the roof line or when high winds overcome the warm updraft from the stove and cause the smoke and gasses to be blown back down the chimney. Not only is this unpleasant but can also increase the danger of carbon monoxide being present in your room.

The FlueCube is a chimney cowl for wood burners which addresses all of these problems. With a 99% success rate in overcoming downdraft plus increasing the efficiency and productivity of your stove, the FlueCube is a natural, all-in-one solution. It also has the benefit of making your wood burner much easier to light nor will it break, so therefore is great value for money.

To get the best out of your wood burner and ensure improved efficiency and performance, order the FlueCube today! Call 01580 715870 or 07904 022188 or click here for our online shop.