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Wood Burner Chimney Cowls

Downdraft has a significant role to play in reducing the efficiency and performance of your wood burner and wood burner chimney. As a result, we have created the FlueCube, the best anti downdraft cowl, to solve this problem. We use updraft technology to bring the fire up to its optimum temperature while also preventing smoke from entering your home with our chimney cowl for log burners.
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The Benefits of Anti down draft chimney cowls for insulated flues

Owners of wood burner chimneys and stoves use chimney cowls to protect against moisture, nesting birds, vermin, wind, and snow.

A bird-guard chimney cowl prevents birds and other animals from nesting in your chimney, which can cause a fire. Additionally, these wood burner chimney cowls can prevent animals from getting stuck inside your chimney and causing damage or obstruction. In order to protect you and your animals, you should install a bird guard if you block your chimney.

During windy conditions, anti down draft chimney cowls for insulated flues are necessary to prevent smoke from blowing down your chimney and into your home. As smoke is poisonous, no one wants this to happen to them.

Wood burner and insulated flue chimney cowls also prevent debris from entering your chimney, reducing the risk of chimney fires.

Wood Burner Chimney Fluecube Versus Spinning Chimney Cowels

Wood burner chimney cowls come in a variety of shapes and styles, and some of the more popular types are spinning chimney cowls and H-shaped cowls, both of which can be found on the market today.

FlueCube, on the other hand, provides maximum protection from nesting birds, vermin, wind, and snow and promotes the efficiency of your stove by preventing downdrafts.

Why? This new standard in chimney cowls was created by the inventor of the patented FlueCube. It would solve all these problems as well as drastically reduce emissions levels, making it one of the greenest most efficient chimney log burner cowls on the market today. Take a look at our FlueCube test.

What is a Chimney Cowl for log burners?

Home ventilation systems rely heavily on chimneys. They prevent outside air from entering the home while allowing smoke, heat, and other gases to escape. It is by creating a draft that pulls air up and out of the house that the chimney facilitates the exit of flue gases from the house. As a result of convection, which is the movement of warm air upwards and cool air downwards, this is achieved. Due to the size of short chimneys, it can sometimes be difficult for them to perform this function properly.

The main function of anti-downdraught chimney cowls for insulated flues and log burners is to reduce or eliminate downdraught in your chimney. Additionally, they provide the functions of static chimney cowls.
Made in the UK
Free Delivery & Money-Back Guarantee
Patented Design
Leaders in Energy Efficiency

Why is FlueCube the best chimney cowl for wood burners

Many problems can arise with traditional wood-burning chimney cowls, including nesting birds, vermin or downdrafts that significantly reduce the heat output. To counter these issues, anti-downdraft cowls have been developed, which divert wind away from the chimney and reduce the risk of a blockage. These cowls are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

In addition to solving these problems, the FlueCube chimney cowl improves chimney burner efficiency. This reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep the chimney warm and reduces the risk of smoke and other pollutants being released into the environment. It also lowers the carbon footprint of the chimney, making it more environmentally friendly.

In addition to overcoming downdraft, the FlueCube chimney cowl increases the efficiency and productivity of wood stoves. It has a 99% success rate in overcoming downdraft. As an all-in-one solution for wood stoves, the FlueCube brings the stove to an optimum temperature quickly and allows you to heat up the room much faster than you had been able to do previously. It also reduces the need to relight your stove multiple times and keeps smoke out of the room. This makes the FlueCube a great product for anyone who wants to get the most out of their wood burner with a chimney.

The FlueCube will enhance the performance and efficiency of your wood burner. Order it today to take full advantage of your wood burner, chimney cowls and even terracotta chimney cowls for wood burners! Call 01580 715870 or 07904 022188 or click here for our online shop.

Why Choose FlueCube log burner chimney cowl?

As a highly effective anti-downdraft chimney cowl, The FlueCube offers the following advantages for wood burner flues:
Improves energy efficiency and reduces costly heat loss
Enhances your fireplace's heat output and reduces emissions
Ventilation is improved and animals are protected
Protects against adverse weather conditions and reduces downdrafts in chimneys
It is suitable for domestic and commercial use and fits 95 per cent of chimney flues in the UK (5-6 inches in diameter).

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A large chimney causes the gases in the flue to cool, resulting in a draft in the home. The services of a professional chimney sweeper may be able to assist you in determining whether your chimney is creating a back draft due to some type of size issue. It is also possible to experience a draft problem when using a wood stove.
You can enjoy a fireplace without a chimney when you use a flueless gas fire. It does not require as much building work to install one, either. To install your fire, you will only need to install a 100cm2 ventilation brick on an exterior wall and connect it to a gas line.
Open fireplaces benefit from a large amount of updraft, which allows hundreds of cubic feet of air to be pushed through the chimney and out into the cold air. This allows a hot fire to burn without inhaling harmful fumes.
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