Chimney cowls can be found in thousands of homes across the UK, and have a huge amount of amazing benefits that not enough households are aware of. Around 90% of chimneys across the country are cowl-less for the simple reason that not enough people are educated on what exactly they are and what their benefits are. 

In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about chimney cowls. We will detail what exactly they are, what their purpose is, how they work, their benefits and so much more. 

What Is A Chimney Cowl?

While they are an optional addition to your home's chimney, they can help to improve many different functions. In addition to this, they are also very effective at preventing common issues that can occur with chimneys. 

A chimney cowl is a device that is installed at the top of a chimney to improve its functionality and safety. It’s often hood-shaped, with openings or vents designed to allow smoke and gases from the fireplace or stove to escape, whilst stopping rain, birds, debris and animals from entering the chimney. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Chimney Cowl?

Chimney cowls are designed with several different purposes in mind, that is what makes them such a phenomenal piece of equipment. Their main purpose is to help increase the draft of the chimney to prevent downdraught and therefore prevent the elements from entering the chimney and then your home. 

However, there are many other more practical purposes that make chimney cowls so effective. Cowls provide rain protection, bird nesting protection, reduce sparks, reduce embers, improve air quality and so much more.

How Does A Chimney Cowl Work?

The main reason behind a chimney cowl being installed is to prevent downdraught from occurring. Downdraught occurs when chimneys are not tall enough or if the wind currents are interfered with by buildings or trees around the chimney. 

They are designed to act like a turbine, with the wind catching the cowl catching the cowl and rotating it. This rotation increases the draw of air up the flue, improving the efficiency of the fire.

Benefits Of A Chimney Cowl

Chimney cowls can provide a multitude of benefits to chimneys and households. These benefits include, but are not limited to: 

Animal and Bird Deterrent 

Chimney cowls typically incorporate mesh or wire that keeps birds, squirrels, rodents and other animals out of the chimney. This prevents nests from being built inside the chimney, which can obstruct airflow or pose a fire risk. 

Rain Protection 

Chimney cowls shield the chimney opening from rainfall. Preventing water from entering the chimney helps to prevent the interior of the chimney, fireplace and stove from becoming damaged. 

Preventing Debris Entering 

They act as barriers preventing debris such as leaves and twigs. This helps keep the chimney clear and prevents blockages that may hinder airflow or pose a fire hazard.

Draught Efficiency 

The primary reason chimney cowls are installed is to prevent downdraught. Downdraught is caused by negative air pressure, which can be caused by a plethora of factors, from low-hanging trees to a chimney that is too short. This causes the air to be forced back down into the chimney and dispersed into your room. 

What Are The Different Types Of Chimney Cowls

There are so many different types of chimney cowls on the market all with different purposes and benefits. While each type serves the same overall purpose, each different type has its own properties and features that make it perfect for different styles of chimneys. 

Short Chimney Cowls

A chimney cowl for a short chimney prevents downdraught. This is because shorter chimneys are often exposed to more downdraughts as they do not have enough upward draught force to cope and counteract wind pressure. 

Stainless Steel Chimney Cowls

Stainless steel chimney cowls are incredibly high quality and have a huge number of amazing benefits. Their benefits include soot-fire resistance and being able to handle temperatures over 1,000°. Meaning that they are more than capable of coping with any household fire whilst still performing at their best. 

Anti Downdraught Cowls for Twin Wall Flues

Chimneys that have two flue pipes benefit from Anti Downdraught Cowls as they help prevent a downdraught, which is not only troublesome but also dangerous. In addition to creating an unpleasant smell, the smoke can contain high levels of carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. These specific cowls are specially designed for these styles of chimneys. 

Twin Wall Insulated Flue Cowls

Twin Wall Insulated Flue Cowls are designed to safeguard against rust penetration and water ingress. Designed for protruding flames, these chimney cowls help prevent damp, hitting the optimal temperature and improving the overall look of the chimney. 

Wood Burner Chimney Cowls

Downdraught greatly reduces the efficiency of wood burners and wood burner chimneys. Our wood burner chimney cowls use updraft technology to bring the fire up to the perfect temperature while preventing smoke from entering your home. 

High-Quality Chimney Cowls From FlueCube

Here at FlueCube, we are proud to be the UKs leading chimney cowl with a huge range of different chimney cowl products. Each member of our team has years of experience and unrivalled knowledge, so if you have any questions of queries, feel free to get in touch. 

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