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Anti Downdraught Cowls for Twin Wall Flues

Stop Downdraught with our Stainless Steel anti down draft chimney cowls for twin wall flues
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The Benefits of Anti down draught chimney cowls for insulated flues

There are many types of chimney cowls available and they are standard products for owners of wood-burning stoves to allow hot air and fumes to be more efficiently extracted by the flue pipe.

Anti downdraft chimney cowls for twin flues prevent a downdraught, which as well as a nuisance can actually be dangerous to you. In addition to creating an unpleasant smell, the smoke can contain high levels of carbon monoxide, which can cause death.

An anti down draught chimney cowls for insulated flues can be used to keep debris from entering your chimney, thereby reducing the risk of chimney fires and blockages.

About the FlueCube Anti Downdraft Chimney Cowls

A variety of chimney cowls are available on the market such as the spinning cowl, the open fire chimney cowl, the H-shaped chimney cowl, to give just a few examples. The type of cowl chosen depends on the type of flue, the type of fuel being burned and the prevailing wind direction. Cowls are designed to increase the draught up the chimney, reduce smoke spillage and reduce downdraught.

Nevertheless, the FlueCube provides the best protection against nesting birds, vermin, wind, and snow as well as promoting the efficiency of your stove. It is designed to fit snugly over the flue pipe and its adjustable design allows it to be tailored to fit any flue pipe. The FlueCube is also made of durable materials that can withstand the elements and last for years.

Even homeowners who have been using stoves for many years have benefited from purchasing anti down draft chimney cowls for twin wall flues such as FlueCubes. Through creating a positive draw through the flue system, the FlueCube improves stove efficiency, stabilising the burn within the stove, and therefore increasing the efficiency of the stove (burn) by consuming more black carbon (soot) than would have been possible previously, resulting in cleaner flues.

How Does The Fluecube Work?

A common problem associated with wood burning/solid fuel stoves is that of puffs of smoke coming into the room from the stove or fireplace. This is usually caused by a lack of proper ventilation in the room. To avoid this, make sure the room is well-ventilated and the chimney is free from any blockages. In addition, use the right kind of fuel for the stove and ensure it is burning hot enough.

It can be caused by a downdraft, which occurs when air is blown back down the chimney. As a fire burns, warm air rises to the top of the chimney, carrying smoke and gases up the chimney with it. The downdraft effect can occur when warm air rises up the chimney, and this warm air will be overwhelmed by cooler air pushing down the chimney due to low-pressure weather conditions, causing the warm air to be overwhelmed.

The solution to the problem of downdrafts is to install the FlueCube, a solid fuel chimney cowl, which is a very quick and easy fix. The FlueCube prevents downdrafts in two ways - by creating an updraft in the flue and by creating a wind-break effect. This helps to ensure the fire burns efficiently and cleanly, providing a better burning experience.

Made in the UK
Free Delivery & Money-Back Guarantee
Patented Design
Leaders in Energy Efficiency

About Anti Down Draft Chimney Cowls For Twin Wall Flues

There are many different types of anti down draft chimney cowls for twin wall flues on the market, of which FlueCube is one. Some anti-downdraft cowls can become clogged with deposits if they are not cleaned regularly, but the FlueCube has no moving parts so it doesn't need to be maintained, making it the most cost-effective product on the market. The downdraft issue is also cured with a 99% success rate. Unlike other downdraft cowls, the FlueCube cowl works in all weather conditions, regardless of wind speed or direction.

It creates a constant updraft that assures exhaust fumes only travel up the chimney. The FlueCube is easy to install and requires no maintenance. It features a simple, cost-effective solution that is perfect for any home. It is the most effective downdraft solution on the market. It is by improving airflow through the chimney that the FlueCube creates the best possible steady draw for your wood-burning/multi-fuel stove, which makes your stove experience easier and more comfortable by dramatically improving the efficiency of your stove.

When you opt for FlueCube as your preferred chimney cowl, you are not only choosing a reliable and efficient product but also contributing to the reduction of emissions. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in smoke coming out of your chimney, making FlueCube one of the most eco-friendly options available on the market. It is no surprise that we have received support from esteemed organisations such as Low Carbon Kent and the EEC, which further reinforces our commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices when reducing downdraughts with chimney cowls for open fires.

We are pleased to offer our customers an anti-downdraft chimney cowl that comes with a comprehensive five-year guarantee. In the unlikely event that the downdraft problem persists following the installation of our FlueCube, we are committed to providing a full refund. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase and can enjoy a safe and comfortable living environment.

Please take a moment to read our customer testimonials for the FlueCube anti-downdraft chimney cowl. If you would like to order your own FlueCube and solve your downdraft problem, call 01580 715870 or 07904 022188 or click here for our online shop.

Why Choose FlueCube?

FlueCube chimney cowl is a highly effective design to reduce smoke and carbon emissions from your chimney, offering a number of benefits, including:
Improves energy efficiency by reducing expensive heat loss and reducing energy costs
This will enhance the heat output of your fireplace while also reducing emissions.
Improves ventilation and provides animal protection
Reduces downdraft in chimneys and protects against inhospitable weather conditions
Suitable for domestic and commercial use, and fits 95% of all chimney flues in the UK (5-6 inches)

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It is important to use anti-downdraft chimney cowls when your chimney is exposed to windy conditions and the wind creates drafts and eddies, causing smoke to blow down the chimney and into your home.
In addition to wasting heat, unused chimneys can cause damp problems, as well as make fireplaces and stoves smoke. There should be a flue ventilator installed on any chimneys that are not used.
It is possible to prevent rainwater from entering the flue by using rain caps, hooded cowls, and wind-directional cowls. In order to ensure adequate protection against rain and other elements, it's important to select the right cowl for your chimney.
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