A common problem associated with wood burning/solid fuel stoves is that of puffs of smoke coming into the room from the stove or fireplace. This is caused by downdraft i.e. the result of air being blown back down the chimney. When a fire is lit, warm air rises up the chimney taking smoke and gasses with it. But in certain circumstances, perhaps if the chimney is short or in low pressure weather conditions, this rising warm air can be overwhelmed by cooler air pushing down the chimney causing the downdraft effect.

The solution to the problem of downdrafts is to install the FlueCube, which is a very quick and easy fix.

There are many different types of anti-downdraft cowl on the market, of which FlueCube is one. Unlike some other anti-downdraft cowls, which can become clogged with deposits if not cleaned regularly, the FlueCube has no moving parts and so no maintenance is required.(Hence not the cheapest product but usually the best value for money). It also boasts an impressive 99% success rate at curing the downdraft problem. The FlueCube anti-downdraft chimney cowl will work in all weather conditions, no matter what the speed or the direction of the wind and creates a continual updraft to ensure the emissions only travel in one direction – up the chimney. By improving air flow through the chimney, the FlueCube creates the best possible steady draw which dramatically improves the efficiency of your wood burning/multi fuel stove making your stove experience easier and more cosy.

Another benefit of choosing the FlueCube as your anti-downdraft cowl is that emissions are considerably reduced, resulting in virtually no smoke emanating from your chimney. This reduction in smoke equates to a reduction in black carbon emissions which not only makes the FlueCube one of the greenest chimney cowls on the market but has also earned us support from the EEC through the Low Carbon Kent organisation.

Our anti-downdraft chimney cowl comes with a 5 year guarantee and we offer a full refund if you find that your downdraft problem has not been cured when you install the FlueCube.

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